Contact center statistics

Real Time Stats

With the RTS server, all of your data becomes accessible at any moment, using any device, anywhere in the world.

RTS enables managers to easily check the status of their contact center. It enables supervisors to display queues, in real time, using a smartphone or tablet. The agents in your contact center can view the status of the contact center on a large wallboard or monitor.

  • Real Time
  • Flexible
  • Clear insights

Your key metrics
in clear focus

Know that your business objectives are on track whether you're in a meeting, at home or on the move.

Let real time data
help you

With real time statistics you're always up to date, no delays or uncertainty.

in a glance

We'll help you choose the displayed information, giving you the insight that will help you perform better.

Real time Statistics

Not every 15 or 5 minutes. You decide how often, even every second

Real time, example 1 second.
Newer systems
Available every 5 minutes
Most systems
Available every 15 minutes

Features to make your work easier

RTS is designed with your needs in mind


multilingual & charactersets

Don`t worry about the native language of your personnel. Real Time Stats can handle any language and any character set.


Less stress with personal notifications

The iPad & mobile versions give you the option to be notified when you want. Set your own notification thresholds.


Dive into details
if you need

The iPad & mobile versions show the important information first. Then zoom in to discover detailed information when you need it.

Just one example of an RTS App

It's easy to create your own

Color indications

Understand the situation at a glance

RTQ integration

Historical data & comparison

Trending indication

See the current trend of your key metrics

Menu access

Easy access to key functions

Notification center

Be on top of changes and view logs

RTQ interaction

Show highest or lowest measurement of the day

Quick queue access

Check on queues and switch between them

Trending indication

See the current trend of your key metrics

Overview of locations

From overview to detail page of each location with a tab

Interactions overview

See which interaction
types need more agents

RTQ integration

Historical data
& comparison

Compare now to average

Your main queues are
always in sight

Quick queue access

Check on queues and switch between them


Wallboard examples

Your needs and goals visualized in the way you want


Zero customer frustration

Display actual waiting times to your customers

With RTS it's easy to display actual availability and waiting times on your customer support website. Guide your customers in the choice of how and when they can contact you. Combined with RTQ you can even let your customers know when you expect improved availability based upon actual recorded performance.

With RTS / RTQ you can manage traffic the way you want!


Browser based

RTS is fully browser based. Leaves NO footprint. It supports all browsers.


manage traffic

With RTS it is easy to manage all your traffic. Easy for the manager, supervisor and agents.


Future proof

RTS is built with the latest tools. It is fully HTML 5.


Api: build your own

With the API from Prime Contact it is easy to build your own web page.



You can run RTS on one, two or multiple systems. It also supports High Availability.


big data

With RTS it has become even easier to manage big data.

3+ workdays implementation

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